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Redeisgn and implement data analytics in the learning management system for professors
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The National University of Singapore (NUS) is the largest university in Singapore. While the existing version of their learning management system was rich in features, its usefulness and usability were compromised by sub-optimal information architecture design and a lack of clarity in site hierarchy and outdated features, which were aggravated by evolving teaching methodologies and new technologies.


Need Finding Research Interviews
I created an interview guide to interview five professors to understand how they currently analyzed surveys and quizzes. In order to recruit professors, I created a recruitment email and consent from and scheduled the interviews using Doodle. I then conducted the interviews using This tool allowed me to record the interviews as well as annotate the my notes within the platform. I then compiled the key findings and presented it to the stakeholders at NUS. As a result of these research findings, we were able to reduce the number of analytics charts created from nine to four charts in order to meet the most urgent and fundamental needs of evaluation analytics.


I used Tableau to create mockups of the initial data visualization ideas for four peer evaluation survey types: likert scale, constant sum, rubric, and marks.
Likert Scale Mockup
Constant Sum Mockup
Marks Mockup
Evaluation Rubric Mockup

Mockup Research Interviews After creating the mockups, I conducted another round of interviews to gather feedback about the different types of visualizations to understand whether these designs were fulfilling the professors' needs.

High-Fidelity Prototyping

I used Sketch to create high-fidelity prototypes which were then uploaded into InVision for collaboration and feedback with the stakeholders at NUS.

Usability Testing

I performed usability testing on the most crucial areas of the learning management system. To do this, I created a usability test plan, recruitment email, participation information sheet, and consent form. I then emailed a set of professors that had been pre-screened by the NUS IT team and scheduled interviews accordingly using Doodle. I also created an interactive prototype with the tested screens in InVision. After conducting the interviews, I gathered findings and created a set of recommendations based on the usability test findings.


The new system will enter pilot usage in Spring 2018 and university-wide usage in Fall 2018.